Old ads that will make you gasp

Most of us writers are constrained by what is “appropriate” or “politically correct” when we write copy. I have to believe this has always been the case, but I guess the definition of “appropriate” or “politically correct” has changed drastically. Check out these vintage ads. Are there ads today that will be this horrifying 30 years from now? Probably.

Source: Buzzfeed

This one is from the 1970s, the decade of my birth. I’m so proud.
ad 1

This one, also from the 1970s, makes me think that absurd beauty standards started way earlier than I previous thought.
ad 2

And speaking of weird beauty standards… (from the late 1800s)
ad 3

This one may actually still appeal to some guys I’ve met…
ad 4

Oh, the good old days!
ad 5
I don’t really understand this one, but it creeps me out (from 1991)
ad 6

Wow, the Bend Over collection? With a registered trademark and everything!
ad 7

Check out more here. There are many I didn’t even feel comfortable posting…

Source: Buzzfeed

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