Best ads of Super Bowl 50

As my co-worker said today, “So I guess there was a football game during the Beyoncé concert?” Ha. There were also some commercials. What were your favorites? These were mine:

“First Date” (Hyundai)
(Kevin Hart’s facial expressions kill me)

“Restricted Billing” (T-Mobile)
(I probably liked this one because it reminded me of getting feedback on writing projects at work)

“Marilyn” (Snickers)
(Just the sight of Willem Dafoe’s legs made me laugh)

“Every Drop Counts” (Colgate)
(No laughs here. Just a powerful message)

“The Bud Light Party” (Bud Light)
(“But it’s not, like, too big. Like, you can handle it.” Yes, I’m on the Amy Schumer band wagon)

“Defy Labels” (Audi)
(This is one of the few ads that wasn’t just entertaining; it may actually help the brand image and sell product)

Before I go, can we talk about the strange Doritos commercial that implied chips will cause a baby to shoot out of a woman’s uterus? I am still disturbed.

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