“Advertising is a business of words.”
-David Ogilvy

In the middle of my grad school writing program, I was tutoring English and one of my co-workers said, “If I had to do it over again, I’d become a copywriter.” I went home and looked up what the hell that was, and that’s how it all began.

I believe advertising copy should be direct and to the point. I believe people have less and less time (and patience) and more and more skepticism. They are savvy. They can spot an advertiser’s motive when they see one. What they want is an answer to this question: What can [insert product here] do for me and why is it better than anything else out there?

Customers are asking me, the copywriter, to differentiate. They are asking me to meet them on their level, to respect their time, to put myself in their proverbial shoes and tell them why I think [insert product here] is right for them. It’s my responsibility to produce copy that speaks to people and their needs. Whether it’s creating a powerful headline, a succinct ad or a comprehensive website, I love my job and I look forward to taking on creative projects.

The nuts and bolts

  • Years of experience in both the client environment and agency environment
  • Expertise in healthcare (pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, device)
  • Experience in finance and education industries
  • BA in Communication and MA in Professional Writing
  • Proficiency in all things print
  • Proficiency in all things digital
  • Appreciation for bullet points

What I can do

  • Whip up a “slim jim,” sales aid, brochure, catalog, magazine or journal ad, convention or tradeshow booth panel, direct mail postcard, video script, slide presentation, letter – you name it, I can do it
  • Create Information Architecture for a website, then turn it into a complete SEO-friendly copy document along with accompanying e-mail campaigns, banner advertisements, and pay-per-clicks
  • Make clients happy
  • Play well in the sandbox with creative directors, designers, other writers, account executives, project managers and producers, media planners, and programmers
  • Extract strategy and messaging from project briefs
  • Brainstorm high-level concepts
  • Focus on minutia
  • Understand the marketing and copywriting needs for a range of products and services
  • Participate in legal and compliance reviews
  • Deliver projects on time, if not early