It’s just a job (right?)

In a recent Ad Week post, Edward Boches writes: “No industry in the world enjoys self-flagellation quite as much as the advertising industry.” It’s so true. Those of us in the creative department are especially fond of this self-flagellation. We complain about the sometimes-long nights (and weekends). We bitch about account teams who just don’t — Read More

“Your Agency Hates You”: 5 Tips on Being a Better Client from the Former CMO of Heineken

Oh, clients. We’ve all had wonderful ones who clearly articulate their needs and provide constructive criticism. And we’ve all had difficult ones who don’t know what they want, but think that all-out criticism will make whatever they want magically happen. Overall, I’d say it’s inevitable for SOME tension to exist between an ad agency and its clients. — Read More

Ad agency creative life (or death?)

Thank you to my art partner for finding this site. It’s both hilarious and tragic in its truth. One of our team members said, “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” The other concurred: “I have mixed emotions.” Source: Tom Fishburne, marketoonist

The language of work emails

This seems appropriate for a Monday, though I see all of these things every day… Source: Thought Catalog, Jordan Lee 21 Things You Say In Work Emails, And What They Really Mean Jordan Lee 1. I’m wondering if I could pick your brain about something: Help me please I am dying. 2. Looking forward to your — Read More

Language of the advertising world

A friend of mine (who escaped ad agency life and went to the dark client side) sent me a link to this BuzzFeed post that calls out words we use every day in the agency world that have meanings unique to us advertisers. I took a few liberties with some of the BuzzFeed descriptions to — Read More

If an agency had to design the STOP sign…

Oh, how this video accurately portrays the agony that is creative life in an agency. We need more copy. We need better copy. We need less copy. Can it ‘pop’ more? The message isn’t clear. The client loves it, but there are a few tweaks. Our direction has changed. It needs to hit harder. Can — Read More

Happy New Year, from these ads

Today is 2013 and tomorrow will be 2014. In the advertising world, it’s been 2014 for a while, mentally at least. We’ve been scrambling through strategic planning on our accounts for the past several months. In fact, we’re already talking about 2015. So it goes. I’m likely to be in bed before midnight. It’s been — Read More

The brand of Santa

If you work in advertising, then you are all too familiar with the brand book–that Bible of marketing lingo, containing rules about what you can and can’t say about your brand, how your headlines should and should not sound, how the logo must and must not appear. There are positioning statements, brand “personality” profiles, and — Read More