Brands that disrupt

Is this thing on? I haven’t posted here in over a year. I didn’t even do my usual Super Bowl ads recap post this year. I am a slacker. I was motivated to write here again because we are doing something fun at work that I wanted to share. We are doing a “Disruption Workshop” for — Read More

Ad agency creative life (or death?)

Thank you to my art partner for finding this site. It’s both hilarious and tragic in its truth. One of our team members said, “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” The other concurred: “I have mixed emotions.” Source: Tom Fishburne, marketoonist

Ads that don’t just sell shit

Sometimes, I’m not so sure about working in advertising. I mean, I try to sell people shit. It’s not always pretty. When I truly believe in the product, it’s awesome and rewarding. But I can’t truly believe in every product. I’m a cynic, sorry. So, when I see ads that are attached to something much — Read More

8 Secrets of Great Copywriting — from Writer’s Digest

I found this lil’ list very inspiring. Here you go: 1. Advertising is the truth standing on its head to get attention. —Bill Bernbach, named the most influential adman of the 20th Century by Advertising Age Bernbach sparked a creative revolution in the 60s by promoting a product’s warts. The Volkswagen was an ugly little — Read More

Copywriter vs Art Director

I came across these cool illustrations of the inherent differences between copywriters and art directors. The creators even have a Facebook page. Here are my 5 favorites: Despite our differences, art directors and copywriters tend to go together like peanut butter and jelly. We respect each other. We admire each other. And we both get — Read More

George Lois: CreativeMornings talk at the Met

A fellow creative sent me a link to George Lois’ talk at the Met. I highly recommend you check it out. It’s a glimpse into advertising, and history in general. He goes through some of his own ads and magazine covers, all with great stories behind them. I wonder if the age of advertising being — Read More

A pretty typical day in the life

This was one day a couple weeks ago. 6am: I wake up with usual reluctance. My fiancé and I walk the dog because the dog insists.  While on the walk, I check my Blackberry to see what work emails have come in overnight. I don’t know how this happens (the overnight arrival of emails), but — Read More

Truth in Advertising: Some Excerpts

I just finished Truth in Advertising by John Kenney. I give it a solid B. It’s entertaining and fun, especially if you work in advertising or know someone who does. The depictions of agency life and clients and the absurdity of some projects are right on target. It’s fiction, but Kenney works in advertising, so — Read More

Fostering creativity…on a deadline

One of the most annoying–but inevitable–aspects of advertising is the relentlessness of deadlines. Everyone starts with good intentions. There’s an ideal process, a protocol. It’s supposed to be in place. The client is supposed to be proactive, forward-thinking, and reasonable. The account team is supposed to understand the client’s strategy and desires, perfectly, then create — Read More